Susan Sontag in the destroyed national library of Sarajevo, 1993. (Photo: Annie Leibowitz)

Susan Sontag in Sarajevo

Susan Sontag in the destroyed national library of Sarajevo, 1993. (Photo: Annie Leibowitz)

Project Cassandra

Still today, Cassandra’s name causes disquieting feelings: she is known to be a doomster and a hoodoo, rather evoking calamity. And, in fact, the mythological character of Cassandra who foresaw Troy’s fall, but warned her fellow countrymen in vain, is not a shining example. Whoever wants to identify with someone whom nobody believed and who was always on the outside? And yet, there are reasons that led us to our very conscious decision for her as guiding figure:


Because Cassandra is no pessimistic doomster, but she is a woman who looks closely at the world and who has the courage to announce painful truths.


Because her name represents those many writers, artists, and scientists who warn about imminent crises in advance, but who will not be heard when it is too late.


Because we want to contribute to the fight against the mixture of fear, opportunism, and misinterpreted courtesy, which often prevents society to become active quickly.


Because we want to activate the prognostic potential of literature. We should not only rely on forecasts of algorithms, instead we should understand the collective “gut” as an influence quantity that needs to be taken seriously. And it is literature that can be its very articulatory instance.

Early Crisis Detection through Literary Analysis

In cooperation with the University of Tübingen’s Global Ethic Institute we analyse the literatures of precarious regions, aiming at the early detection of potentials for violence as well as their probable dynamics. The German Federal Ministry of Defence supports this project.

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Research regions 2017/2018, further analyses in progress.

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