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Literature in Kosovo

Algeria: Words of Writers

15 May 2019, goethe-institut, paris

Early crisis detection through literary analysis

Looking at the current situation in Algeria, the civil protests and the July elections, several writers were discussing the future of the country. As part of the Cassandra project, they questioned the relevance of literature and arts in lectures and podium discussions.

Boualem Sansal, Yahia Belaskri and Jürgen Wertheimer were in discussion with Bouziane Ahmed-Khodja, Anouar Benmalek, Sarah Haider, Alexis Jenni, Mohamed Kacimi, Sabrina Kassa, Amira Khalfallah, Adlène Meddi, Alice Schwarzer and Wassyla Tamzali.

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Literature in Kosovo

Reportage - Literature - Reality: Areas of crises in focus of our perception

28 February 2019, Weltethos-Institut, tübingen

Wolfgang Bauer (DIE ZEIT) and Prof. Jürgen Wertheimer (Cassandra Project) talked about the role of journalism and literature as a medium in nowaday's times of crises.

Literature in Kosovo

MSC 2019: The ”Kassandra Phenomenon“ – with Jan & Aleida Assmann

14 February 2019, Literaturhaus Munich

"What really connects us is true" - Aleida and Jan Assmann spoke at the Munich Security Conference about the potential of literature as an early detection system – and as an opportunity to find words for a disastrous past.

Literature in Kosovo

Literature in Kosovo

15 October 2018, Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Berlin

On 15 October 2018, a hearing with seven Kosovar writers took place at the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Berlin. Central topic was the question of how much influence literature has on actual developments in Kosovar society.

Presentation of the Study Project

Presentation of the Study Project “Early Crisis Detection through Literary Analysis”

24 October 2017, German Federal Ministry of Defence, Berlin

On the 24 October 2017 project Cassandra was introduced at the German Federal Ministry of Defence to an audience of experts of the Ministry of Defence, other ministries and think tanks, and scholars coming from different disciplines.

German Federal Ministry of Defence

Presentation of the Study Project

MSC 2017: ”Writers as seismographs of our time“

16 february 2017, literaturhaus munich

On the 16th of February 2017 Prof. Jürgen Wertheimer initiated the literary series "Das Kassandra-Phänomen" ("The Kassandra phenomenon") – The three-day event was attended by three world-class authors – those are associated with the study project "Cassandra": Herta Müller (Germany) Wole Soyinka (Nigeria) and David Grossman (Israel) are ambassadors of humanity.


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