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Cassandra Weltkarte

"On the Essential Nature of Literature"

15 June 2020

How are pandemics and their effects reviewed in literature and how does literature influence our perceptions of SAR-CoV2. An article about how this pandemic is becoming collevtive memory.

The article was commissioned by Goethe-Institut Belgium and first appeared at www.goethe.de

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Cassandra Weltkarte

Literature in Nigeria

23 May 2020

Nobel Price winner Wole Soyinka talks to Project "Cassandra" about the current role of literature in Nigeria. This interview is an excerpt from a forthcoming publication by Project "Cassandra".

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Cassandra Weltkarte

Literature as prognostic Instrument?


Aleida Assmann has significantly coined the terms "Cultural Memory" and "Culture of Remembrance". In this Interview with Project "Cassandra", she speaks about the role of literature in crises.


Cassandra Weltkarte

Wole Soyinka: Writing's on the Wall

22 November 2017

Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka is one of Project "Cassandra's" most important Network Partners. Beyond being a successful writer, he is also an independent critic, who is concerend with Nigeria's political developments in general and Boko Haram in particular. In this Interview with the IPG-Journal he talks about the prognostic power of literature.

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